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Course features

  • Basic fundamentals of Chinese grammar
  • Listening, written and spoken class
  • Key focus on spoken mandarin
  • 3 days a week - 6 hours a week
  • Covers core everyday Chinese vocabulary
  • Interactive learning experience

2 weeks 

 (18 lessons)


4 weeks 

 (36 lessons)


8 weeks 

 (72 lessons)


Standard Mandarin Course CH102

Course Length: 8 weeks  72 lessons

Price: Was $623  


Course Tutor

Yang YuKi

Miss yang is a native of Beijing. With 8 years proven experience. She has taught students from all over the world and under her direction  100s of students have passed the HSK exam.


With tried and tested teaching techniques and a genuine love for Mandarin she will provide an authentic mandarin class to rival all others.

This is a fantastic course. The pace is perfect, not too slow and not too fast either so we were all able to keep up. The curriculum is very well tailored. I‘ve had immense progress in just two months its so much fun!

Louis, France

About the course

This CH102 Standard Mandarin course is designed to get students speaking with confidence. Learn Mandarin with particular emphasis on listening, and speaking for everyday life settings. It is ideal for those willing to learn Mandarin for travel, expansion of knowledge, family etc. The material will cover  vocabulary for daily communication. The Mandarin classes will focus on speaking, listening and touch on reading and writing. Students may choose to add on an elective intensive writing course.


Course objectives

On successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of basic Chinese grammar knowledge

  • Gain an understanding of essential vocabulary

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of basic structures and expressions in a given context

  • Demonstrate the ability to understand spoken sentences on everyday topics

  • Demonstrate the ability to create sentences using spoken language on certain everyday topics


Delivery language: English


Language level: Available for all levels from beginner to Advanced


Course delivery: Online


Method of assessment: In class test  (Mandatory)

Course type: Group class (1- 6 persons) OR  1 to 1  class

Teaching materials

All teaching materials will be provided during the course

Course Certification:

Connect Mandarin Course Certification 

International HSK Certification (Optional)