private online mandarin tutor

Course features

  • Design your study days

  • Lesson duration: 45 minutes

  • Choose your curriculum

  • Optional Intensive Chinese writing class

  • Intensive grammar, spoken and listening class

  • Covers useful everyday Chinese vocabulary

 10 lessons


 25 lessons


 50 lessons

 $ 1178

Private Mandarin Course CH105

Course Tutor

Yun Jun Ru

Yun Jun Ru is a professional Mandarin teacher and native of Beijing. With 6 years teaching experience at one of Beijing top language schools he is well equipped to teach this course.

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It's so great to be able to determine the flow and focus of the class. It turns out my main problems were using 'le' and 'ba'. I was able to focus on this with targeted exercises before moving to the next stage of difficulty which was so helpful for me.

Suzie, Shanghai

About the course

This CH105 private course is designed for anyone willing to study Mandarin with a need for exclusivity of flexibility. You can choose elements from other courses and make changes as required, merge 2 courses together, or simply follow the curriculum at your own pace. All materials  will be tailored to each students particular need. Target problem areas and learn Chinese with your goals at the forefront.


Course objectives:

On successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of basic Chinese grammar knowledge

  • Gain an understanding of essential vocabulary

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of basic structures and expressions in a given context

  • Demonstrate the ability to understand sentences and short written  and spoken sentences and passages on everyday topics

  • Demonstrate the ability to create sentences in written and spoken language on certain everyday topics

  • Achieve personal set goals


Delivery language: English


Language level: Available for all levels from beginner to Advanced


Course delivery: Online 


Course type: Private 1 on 1 

Method of assessment: In class test Oral (Mandatory)


Teaching materials

All teaching materials will be provided during the course to ensure they are most current and relevant to each students requirements.

Course Certification:

Connect Mandarin Course Certification 

International HSK Certification (Optional)