Africans in Guangzhou Left Homeless

Nihao Nigeria!

4 weeks ago we were inundated with pictures, videos and pieces of written articles all pointing to the maltreatment of Africans in Guangdong China.

It all started with a local news broadcast of a few alleged COVID -19 positive Nigerians who injured a nurse in the process of fleeing isolation. It all went downhill from there: The paranoia the ignorance the misinformation and dare we say, the racism.

Mass COVID -19 testing of Africans, Landlords evicting tenants with immediate effect, Hotels cancelling reservations made by Africans, Africans sleeping in the streets, the Chinese authorities turning a blind eye and even a McDonald’s sign with a “No black people allowed”.

The Ambassador to China Geoffrey Oyeama called the situation “unacceptable” while discussing with the Chinese ambassador Zhou Pingjian. What has been done so far? Check out our next post. #africa #africaninchina #covid19 #nigeriangovernment #china

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