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Course features

  • Flexible lessons - 45 min per session

  • 100 percent dedication from the tutor

  • Speaking, listening, and reading 

  • Covers useful everyday Chinese vocabulary

  • Interactive learning experience

  • Prerequisite: Ages 5 to 15 

10 sessions


15 sessions


 20 sessions


25 sessions


1 to 1 Mandarin Course CH109 

About the course

This CH109 kids Mandarin course is specially designed for kids and young adults. Students learn Chinese  with a core focus on listening, and speaking, with some emphasis on reading and writing. The material will include simplified sentences and exercises suitable for young students. Children learn Mandarin with games, puzzles animated videos and lots more!


Course objectives

On successful completion of 8 weeks on the course students should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of basic Chinese grammar 

  • Gain an understanding of essential vocabulary

  • Understand short spoken sentences on everyday topics

  • Create sentences in spoken Mandarin on certain everyday topics


Delivery language: English


Language level: Available for beginner to advanced levels


Course delivery: Online


Method of assessment: In class test (Mandatory)

Teaching materials:  All teaching materials will be provided during the course

 Certification: Connect Mandarin language Certification.  International HSK Certification (Optional)