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learn Chinese characters at Connect Mandarin

Intensive Chinese Course 101

Course features:

  • Monday - Friday

  • Intensive Chinese writing class

  • Intensive grammar, spoken and listening class

  • Covers useful everyday Chinese vocabulary

  • Interactive learning experience

2 weeks 

 (40 lessons)

4 weeks 

 (80 lessons)



8 weeks 

 (160 lessons)


 live chinese teacher from Beijing

Course Tutor

Zheng Ru

Zheng Ru is a professional Mandarin tutor and native of Beijing. As a native of Beijing his tones and pronunciation are second to none. His teaching methods will ensure children are actively engaged and looking forward to each lesson.

Very comprehensive course, challenging but interesting. I recommend it to anyone serious about learning Mandarin. The teacher is firm and will keep you on your toes! 很厉害。。。

Alex, Germany

About the course

This CH101 Intensive Chinese Course covers the basic constructions of Chinese, enabling students to acquire core skills in reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. Students will learn to read and write short  texts, and communicate on everyday topics. There will be specific focus on clear pronunciation and the social and linguistic conventions of everyday conversation. The exclusive writing class enable students study Chinese writing with a specific focus on the radicals and tips for deciphering characters.

Course objectives

On successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of basic Chinese grammar knowledge

  • Gain an understanding of essential vocabulary

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of basic structures and expressions in a given context

  • Demonstrate the ability to understand sentences and short written  and spoken sentences and passages on everyday topics

  • Demonstrate the ability to create sentences in written and spoken language on certain everyday topics

  • Sit the HSK (1-2) exam (Beginners)


Delivery language: English


Language level: All levels from beginner to Advanced


Method of assessment: In class test (Mandatory)

Teaching materials

Online resources - All teaching materials will be provided during the course

Course Certification:

Connect Mandarin Course Certification 

International HSK Certification (Optional)