Pass HSK Exam at Connect Mandarin

HSK Preparation Course CH104

Course features

  • 3 days a week - 6 hours a week

  • Writing and comprehension class

  • Intensive listening class

  • Comprehensive HSK vocabulary (HSK 3-6)

  • Official Hanban Practice tests preparation

  • HSK Tips and advice 

2 weeks 

 (8 lessons)


4 weeks 

 (16 lessons)


8 weeks 

 (72 lessons)


Learn Chinese with Beijing teachers

Yang YuKi

Miss yang is a native of Beijing. With 8 years proven experience. She has taught students from all over the world and under her direction  100s of students have passed the HSK exam.


With tried and tested teaching techniques and a genuine love for Mandarin she will provide an authentic mandarin class to rival all others.

Course Tutor

HSK can be tough, but thanks to Yang Laoshi I was able to pass HSK 5 after the 12 week course. She gave tips for answering the questions quickly and her suggestions were invaluable in remembering all the vocabulary. 谢谢!

Brad, London

About the course

This CH104 HSK preparation course is designed to provide students with the right tools to pass the only Chinese standard proficiency test HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).  With over 5,000 words (level 6) and the complex writing system, the focus of this program is character recognition, grammar structure, sentence building, comprehension, and listening. With the official Hanban certified materials the classes will test students and prepare them to not only pass the HSK but pass with the highest score possible.


Course objectives

On successful completion of this course the student should be able to carry out the following: (subject to the HSK level chosen) 

  • Create sentences with the HSK vocabulary 

  • Correct grammatically incorrect sentences

  • Read and answer multiple choice questions

  • Have completed 6 practice tests 

  • Confidently sit for the HSK exam 


Delivery language: English


Language level: Available from HSK Level 3 - 6


Course delivery: Online


Method of assessment: In class test Oral (Mandatory)

Course type: Group class (2-6 persons)  OR  1 to 1  class

Teaching materials

All teaching materials will be provided during the course to ensure they are most current and relevant to each students requirements.

Course Certification:

Connect Mandarin Course Certification 

International HSK Certification (Optional)