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At Connect Translations, we provide a comprehensive language service to suit all your language requirements. We understand the importance of quality and reliability and this comes at the forefront of our translation services. Our translators work with their mother tongue and within their areas of expertise.  Our many years of experience have made it possible for us to work with some of the most talented professional translators and leading global brands.

Chinese to English translation
Translation Service

From a 40,000 word document to a simple phrase, we provide reliable written translation and proof-reading services from and into Mandarin. Your documents are scrutinised by specialist proof-readers with a sharp eye for detail.

Chinese interpreting in lagos
Interpreting Service

We work with some of the finest, accredited and experienced interpreters to provide speech translation for legal professionals for court, business meetings and conferences. We also provide interpreting services for social gatherings and informal settings such as reviewing products at a local market.

Chinese translation in Nigeria
Telephone Interpreting Service

We are proud to offer consecutive interpreting over the phone. It’s the ideal solution when geographically dispersed people need to communicate but do not share a common language. 

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International Travel Interpreting

Need an interpreter for your next business trip? With our language escort you are guaranteed a smooth and convenient trip. From takeoff to your destination you are ensured a hitch-free passage through airport security, business negotiations at your destination and your journey back home.