Gain value worldwide

China has a large non-English-speaking population, and as a third world country quickly moving towards first world status any Mandarin speaker with an excellent command of English makes for an attractive choice to numerous multinational corporations today.

5 reasons to learn Chinese in Nigeria


Opportunities within China

Looking to relocate, for study, or a change of environment? China is a beautiful nation currently opening its arms to foreigners. A command of Mandarin will set you apart from others and create economic and employment benefits for you.

gain opportunities withc chinese language


Benefits in Business

Mark Zuckerberg’s remarkable grasp of mandarin impressed audiences at his speech at Tsinghua university. His plot to get closer to his target market is in preparation for a day when the ban on Facebook is lifted in China. Knowledge of mandarin will draw you closer to the Chinese market giving you an upper-hand when it comes to partnerships or investment.

learn Mandarin for business


Stay ahead of the trends

In recent years the demand for CEOs who speak mandarin has increased with the number of CEOS learning mandarin reaching new heights. A sure way to stand out for others in 2020 is to gain mandarin as a second language, you will thank us later.

Study chinese in Nigeria


Good for travel

Travel with confidence within southeast Asia and live the language.

If you can speak Mandarin “the world is your oyster” as you travel across Southeast Asia. Make friends, gain new experiences and experience an authentic explore Asia with a plus!

Learn Chinese online for travel